there is a poetry in this

ruby screenshot 1_3_workspace.png

There is a poetry to this:

gem ‘spring’,

gem ‘byebug’

gem ‘listen’

There are rules and a rhythm, there is organization and there are relationships.

I am learning to write in the programming language behind many of the websites we use, the websites that are shaping our culture: Twitter, which is a visual method for interacting with a database, where the database is composed of the “tweets” you enter into the box on the page, where that “tweet” is an object living in a table, which is composed of rows and columns (like an excel spreadsheet), where an item in one table (your name + your tweet) may have a relationship with another table (someone else’s name +retweeting your tweet).

Information is made up of component parts, which relate to one another in ways that are predictable.

We can only create positive change if we understand.

“Yellow” is an attribute, and items exist which have that attribute: lemons, dandelions, golden retriever puppies.

Those items also have their own attributes not shared by the group: round, flower, fluffy.

Brains are computers and computers are brains. We use logic to make decisions (that logic might be flawed or invalid but it is logic nonetheless). We assign meaning to events, and create rules for behavior and interaction based on those events.

We view people as items which have attributes, which belong in a group.

All Muslims _____. Gay people are ______. Black people are ______.

This is how our brains work.

Compassion gives us the tools to break out of these strict categories of understanding, to stop being racist selfish assholes. Fear keeps us stuck in these boxes.

I have found a way to create tools for the resistance, and I’m making, both for my own education and to share, what I hope will be an interactive website based on INDIVISIBLE: A Practical Guide to Resisting the Trump Agenda.

Coding for the rebel army.



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